“I am interested in the hand-made aspect in my work, with all its inaccuracies and mistakes. In a way I go against human drive to make things easier and simple.”

Jolanta Rejs (b. 1982 Szczytno, Poland) previously studied at Goldsmiths, University of London (BA Hons) and Royal Academy Schools, Royal Academy of Arts (Postgraduate Diploma).

For Rejs, process is almost more important than product. Taking old photographs from a number of sources Rejs scans and breaks them down into their digital components. These images are then transferred onto paper through a large wooden printing block, its face precision cut into a grid of small blocks. Echoing the pixels of the digital deconstruction, Rejs works her way across the reverse of the paper like a scanner, applying extra pressure to each relevant block and transferring the image onto the paper. This is an ongoing inquiry into the shift between perception of photography as reality-related medium and the post-modern approach to it as a constructed image. The mix of techniques employed from the most basic form of printing to that of computer technology allows Rejs to successfully transfer analogue to digital and back to analogue.

Present and Future Exhibition

BWA Olsztyn, solo show, 2022


  • Grand Prix XII Quadrennial of Polish Woodcut and Linocut, 2019
  • Look at Her Recipient of The British Institution Award on Summer Exhibition 2012
  • The Celia Walker Award for Print 2011
  • Sir E.H. Landseer award

Selected Past Exhibition


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