Apocalypse in fragments (After AD 1511) No. 17, 2021

Four Horsemen of the apocalypse – Death, woodcut and monotype hand painted on Dacron, 280 cm x 400 cm

The Art of Disappearance

A memorial portrait series of extinct animals. All animals depicted in the series perished due to human activity.

Die Liebe höret nimmer auf! (Love never ends!) – Masurian tales of people whose children became refugees

From reconstructed postcards and gravestones, this work tells the story of Masuria, a border region in northern Poland dotted with many lakes. It is a memorial to the region’s displaced populations and derelict heritage.

The sail was sawn from 23 woodcut/monotypes printed on 14 metres of Dacron.

Currently on display in Burlington Gardens, London. More


Philosophy in fragments (After RS 1511)

Young girl’s experience of Great Masters Art. The School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio.
20 years on I was able to examine the work bit by bit, fragment by fragment and selected those fragments that to me make the work Great and give the eye and mind the points of wonder. The heads of big thoughts and hands that perform them.
Great Philosopher, where art thou?

Apocalypse in fragments (After AD 1511)

Long love of Albrecht Dürer’s creation is realised as a series of works based on Apocalypsis cum figuris second edition from 1511. From 15 original woodcuts illustrating apocalypse, I selected a number of small fragments, 2-3 square centimeters and enlarged to 1 or 2 square meters in order to explore the limits od woodcut or rather its endless possibilities.

Past – Present

Beyond the Horizon 2010/11